Hardwood Floor Restoration & Installation

Our buff-and-coat process works wonders with hardwood floors that suffer from everyday wear and tear. But some damage simply can’t be buffed away. Over time, any floor can acquire its share of stains, deep scratches, and burn marks; boards can warp, and finishes can be dissolved. When this happens, your floor needs more than buffing – it needs expert repair, restoration, and sometimes even replacement.

Buff & Coat technicians are experts in all aspects of restoration, including sanding, sealing, replacing sections or planks, staining to match, and laying down a smooth, gleaming finish.

When replacing your hardwood floor is the best option, you’ll find we’re as skilled with installation as we are with repair. No matter which service you need, you can count on us to present the best options, and execute them with precision, skill, and love for what we do.


Richmond’s homes and businesses count on our technicians to repair almost any type of damage to their hardwood floors. Here are some of the most common types and what you can expect from our restoration efforts:

Scratches & Gouges

When a scratch or gouge is too deep to be buffed away, our technicians can often apply wood putty – if needed – and sand out the damage. If the damage is too deep to be repaired, we can replace the damaged planks with expertly matched new ones. Once the damage has been eliminated – either by sanding or replacing – we’ll also closely match the original stain and finish.


Hardwood finishes are tough, durable, and excellent at keeping stains at bay. But even the toughest finishes can be eaten away by common household substances – especially if they’re not picked up immediately; the most common culprits are milk, fruit juice, and bleach. Wood finishes are also vulnerable to pet urine.

Even so, stains tend to be shallower and easier to remove than deep scratches. Many stains can be repaired without sanding. If sanding is needed, we can also expertly re-stain and refinish your floor, closely matching the surrounding wood.

Water Damage

Water stains are also common and – relatively speaking – are easy to remove. But the worst kind of water damage isn’t a stain – warping, expansion, and wood-rot are more serious problems. That kind of damage can occur anytime water is allowed to set on the floor, and is especially common near sinks and dishwashers.

This kind of damage generally requires replacement of the hardwood floor in the affected area. When that happens, you can count on us to minimize repairs as much as we can.


Accidents happen. When they do, things like hot pans, irons, baking sheets, and cigarettes can end up on our wood floors – and scorch marks can be left behind. Like stains, the damage caused by burns is usually shallow and can be repaired without need for replacement.

Count on Buff & Coat to expertly evaluate the damage and clearly present your repair and restoration options. Once you select one, we’ll take great care to restore your floor to beautiful, like-new condition.


Our technicians know everything there is to know about restoring worn-out floors. So it’s no wonder that we know just what to do with new ones. Count on us for expert hardwood floor installation.

Isn’t it time you had the beautiful floor you deserve? Call Buff & Coat today! We would be happy to visit your home or business, evaluate your flooring, discuss your repair or installation options, and provide a free estimate.